Technology Roadmap

2.1 Q2 2023

Concept and Development

Development and conception of a meme token for Moon Girl, a fictional character published by EC COMICS in 1947.

· Unnamed: The token sign for "Moongirl" is "GIRL".
· Emblem: Moon Girl's stylized image of herself.
· Total Supply: The total supply of tokens is 990 trillion.
· Blockchain: Based on the most secure and reliable Ethereum blockchain.
· Use Cases: Tokens can be used to buy goods, donate to charity, or participate in games and competitions.
· Marketing: Tokens can be sold to Moon Girl fans and other comic book fans.
· Tokens may be launched with a new Moon Girl comic book series or animated TV show.
· Tokens can be used to fund the development of new Moon Girl merchandise such as toys, clothing and video games.
· Tokens can be used to donate to charities that support children's education or literacy.
· Tokens can be used to create a community of Moon Girl fans who can interact with each other and participate in games and contests.


Token Generation Event (TGE)

Moongirl (GIRL) utility tokens sold during the TGE period can be used to access the project’s platform or services, or to be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies. The tokens being sold are Moongirl (GIRL) utility tokens that will be used for specific purposes within the Moongirl project business. It can be used to pay for goods or services on the Moongirl Project platform, or to vote on important decisions within the Moongirl Project's governance structure.

Centralized exchange listing

There are a number of benefits to having a Moongirl (GIRL) utility tokens listed on a centralized exchange. First, it provides increased exposure to cryptocurrency. When a cryptocurrency is listed on a major exchange, it is more
likely to be seen by potential investors and traders. This may increase the demand for cryptocurrencies, increasing their value.

See partner centralized exchange for Moongirl (GIRL) utility token.

· BitForex
· BitMart
· LBank
· CoinW
· P2B
· Azbit
· Coinsbit
· Dex-Trade
· Latoken
· ProBit Global
· Coinstore



2.2 Q3 2023

Continued Development

By issuing an ERC-721 non-fungible token, the Moon Girl comic book published in 1947 is permanently recorded on the blockchain, making it more secure and valuable. 

The benefits of issuing ERC-721 tokens for Moon Girl comics assets include:

· Security: A blockchain is a secure, tamper-proof ledger that keeps your assets safe.

· Scarcity: ERC-721 tokens are non-fungible. That is, each token is unique and cannot be replaced.

· Transparency: Blockchain is a transparent ledger, so asset history can be easily verified. Overall, issuing ERC-721 tokens for Moon Girl comics assets is a great way to secure these assets.

It can also help increase the value of your Moon Girl comics assets.



Partnerships and Integrations

Moon Girl's partnerships and integrations can be partnerships formed between two or more businesses, and integrations can be created between two or more software applications. Moon Girl's AFFILIATE PROGRAM business is geared toward forming strategic partnerships, long-term relationships designed to achieve specific goals.

Partnerships and integrations can be valuable assets to the Moon Girl brand. By carefully considering business needs and the benefits that partnerships and integrations can provide, businesses can improve ef iciency, customer service, reach and innovation.




Supporting Moon Girl Initiatives

Moon Girl cartoon New content creation initiative support

· Increased diversity of Moon Girl cartoon content: The Moon Girl cartoon content creation initiative helps increase the diversity of Moon Girl. We provide Moon Girl cartoon contents by supporting various creators, including the

underprivileged. This can lead to the creation of comics that reflect the experiences and perspectives of a wider range of people.

· Improving the quality of Moon Girl cartoon content: The Moon Girl cartoon content creation initiative can also help improve the quality of Moon Girl cartoon content by supporting education and development. This allows you to
create more engaging, educational and entertaining comics.

· Increase Access to Moon Girl cartoon Content: The Moon Girl cartoon content creation initiative can help increase access to Moon Girl cartoon content by providing funding for distribution and marketing. This allows more people to benefit from comic content.

By supporting the Moon Girl comics content creation initiative, you can donate to organizations that support comic creators, volunteer your time, or simply spread the word about the importance of Moon Girl comics content.



2.3 Q4 2023

Adoption and Integration

Moon Girl meme coin became a very successful meme coin. Clear and concise technology, friendly and easy-to-use interface, strong community support, and early stages of the meme coin market all make Moon Girl meme coin a
bright future.

Moon Girl meme coin's clear, concise, and easy-to-use interface allows more users to adopt and access the coin's technology.

Moon Girl meme coin is one of the first widely adopted meme coins and can provide significant advantages to early holders.

Long-Term Sustainability

Moon Girl meme coin is a new project with the long-term goal of advancing and adopting the character comic industry. This provides a strong foundation for sustainability.

Moon Girl meme coin is not a purely speculative project. It is supported by a real company called ShopifyKorea,
Inc. We are developing a Moon Girl Meme coin to be used as the primary currency to preserve the classic cartoon industry and character cartoon industry.

Moon Girl meme coin has a strong community support base and unique and innovative features that dif erentiate it from other meme coins, making it more attractive to users. Give users confidence in the project and its long-term


launch of a Moon Girl charity foundation

The Moon Girl Charitable Foundation is named after the fictional superhero Moon Girl, who pioneered female superheroes in 1947.

The Moon Girl Charity Foundation supports a variety of programs and initiatives that empower girls and young women.

· Education scholarship
· Mentorship Program
· Leadership Development Program
· Arts and culture program
· STEM Education Program

The foundation also works to advocate for policies and programs that raise awareness of the challenges facing girls
and young women and support their success.

The Moon Girl Charity Foundation strives to create a world where every girl and young woman has the opportunity
to reach her full potential.